Personalized Video Content

A Cisco study of 2015 estimated that by 2019 80% of the web traffic would be of video content. It’s hard to say if that will be the exactly number concretized in the end of the year, but that estimative reflects the major importance of video content on the internet, especially on social media. But if some years ago talking and producing video could even be a differential in the contents, now it’s a reality and not enough. Video content needs a special attention to stand from the others and a way to do that is through personalization. If on the last generation the success was related to make things accessible to as many people as possible, nowadays individuals can’t stand being one more number or viewer, they want a different experience, something that recognizes their real value. So, it’s vital to offer personalized video content to the target, but how to do that? Great thing that’s on this part technology can be very helpful and with some creativity is possible to create something that really catches the target attention.

About the how-to, there’s two main ways to give your audience personalized video content: using the information you already have to make custom-made videos or creating interactive video, a new form to use storytelling. On the custom-made videos your target’s data is used to fill the blanks on the video, similar of what’s made on the messages of email marketing, but even more effective when applied on video. Another great way are the interactive videos, which gives the power on the hands of your audience and on this way, generates a lot of engagement. I share the above interactive video sample