Storytelling on business: why to use it?

Storytelling is one of that terms that quickly spread and started being used to a great range of areas, especially on business. Now professionals are required not only by the qualifications of their areas, but also to be an excellent storyteller, doesn’t matter what they are working with. But what made storytelling into a such important issue to the enterprises? Well, how many of us started watching a new TV series or reading a good book and got so attached to the story that couldn’t leave it? That’s the power of great stories, they can engage us and easily take all our attention. We can quickly build a sympathy for the characters and if the story is good, we feel that we can’t stop following it until we know how it ends. Actually, that’s the motivation that made one of the oldest goods of our civilization into a must have tool to professionals and companies, great stories can involve easier than the latest technology released. On times that’s almost a battle to get the audience attention, having a good story can be the first step that makes your strategy different from the others.

But how to start using storytelling? There are two different ways to begin using it into your presentations: making your own presentation into the story or using stories to show your point, it doesn’t matter if it’s a business presentation or a college assignment. In the first way, making your presentation in a story, you can guide your audience through your content and, for example, show them the challenges for your point of view and how you solved it. The other way is to use short stories to illustrate what you’re talking about, that’s a very good way to make things clear to the spectators, but you have to be certain that it fits perfectly as an example.