SCORM. Do you know what this term is about?

SCORM is an abbreviation of Shareable Content Object Reference Model, a long amount of words that can be a little confusing, but SCORM itself it’s not a difficult concept to understand. SCORM is like a protocol, or how its name says, a reference model, to put information and make it available in different LMS. SCORM is a set of specifications and patterns that make possible to all the contents to be visualized on the learning system as images, animations text, videos and etc. If a learning management system says that it’s compatible with SCORM it means that if you put content on this format, you’ll have no problem to fully visualize your course.

This protocol was developed by ADL, one institution of the government of United States that has the goal to improve education by technology. SCORM has three versions being SCORM 2004, the most complex and the latest one.