The Best Interactive Video Providers


Wirewax provide an in-house creative team who can customize, enhance and optimize your video to suit all your needs. Wirewax turn concepts into an elegant, consistent and reliable reality on time and on budget.
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Cinema8 is the next generation interactive video technology, which supports many kinds of video interaction and user engagement on linear & 360 videos.
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HapYak’s SaaS platform provides the deepest data, easiest tools, and most flexible integration options for creating and measuring interactive video across your Enterprise organization.
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With Rapt Media's cloud-based interactive video platform, build experiences in the Composer, publish them to the player, and measure them in the analytics dashboard. If that's not enough, you can create new, totally custom experiences using the API.
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Vizia is a platform that specifically integrates quizzes, polls and clickable CTAs in videos. While its feature set is somewhat simple, so is the user interface.
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