Man versus machine or man plus machine?

Thinking about the future and technologies can generate a lot of fears and preoccupations. We can make a lot of questions about how our lives are going to look like, how ’ll be at our works and what could we supposedly do in a reality that machines are getting more and more capable. But what, in a first look, can seem like a risk is actually an opportunity and a challenge.

A tech future dares us to develop what differentiate us from the machines: Creativity, one of our best human capabilities. And if instead of thinking about a man versus machines battle, we looked of another perspective? What can we build allying man and machines competences? There are endless possibilities of what we can do and what’s already happening in areas like business, arts, science and education. This is a new time and when technologies and human potential are put together, it shows not just what machines are capable of, but also how far humans can go.