What’s an LMS?

Our lives are surrounded by a lot of abbreviations as GPS, Wi-Fi, URL and RT’s, the list, of course, is vast. That’s not distinct on business and technology where you hear new terms every day, now to make part of your list you can add a new item: LMS. But what’s an LMS? The first thing to say about LMS it’s that it comes from the words Learning Management System, what already give a good hint about what’s related with. A LMS it’s basically a platform where enterprises can manage and organize their online trainings and courses. With a LMS system it’s possible to create flexible and engaging courses, see the student’s progress and give a real quick feedback about it.

LMS is actually software designed to perform and track e-learning activities and to ensure the systematic management of processes. LMS; It has two interfaces: one for users (your employees) and one for system administrators (HR and Training departments). Users use the LMS they log in with their username and password to receive e-trainings and online exams assigned to them, track their training reports, and stay in touch with system administrators. In fact, LMS is an online library for users. System administrators, on the other hand, can draw detailed reports based on user and training and easily follow the development of employees. LMS saves significant time and cost on both the user and the administrator.

It’s also possible to see, on practice, what’s working or not on your courses and easily make changes. A LMS doesn’t help just the companies through a panoramic view of the learning process, but also makes the students lives easier and encourage an active participation of them. Furthermore, LMS is a technology that already offers a lot, but with a paramount development potential and that may provide even more tools on the close future.