What’s an interactive video and why to use it?

On times that the targets are closer than ever to the brands, place the costumer experience in the center of any strategy became a basic topic of any successful marketing approach. Every decision in a campaign has to be made to involve the costumer, what asks for contents more and more personalized. With videos being one of the medias that’s having a huge increase on the internet, that trend also reached the contents delivered in this format. Just produce quality video content it’s not enough nowadays, when the brands have to share the target attention not just with other competitors’ material, but also with entertainment like Netflix, YouTube and İnstagram. The video production needs to be innovative and as engaging as entertainment and that’s in this scenario that interactive video is gaining a paramount role by offering something different to the viewers. But, first: Do you know what’s an interactive video?

In an interactive video, the viewer can gives the ability to interact with the tools. Users with web content interact with video content, similar to the way it interacts You can click, drag, scroll, navigate, gesture and complete other digital operations.

Basically, an interactive video (IV) is a non-linear way to present a content, that can be considered as a new form of media. It makes possible to the viewer to have more power of what’s consuming, engaging into the story. On interactive videos it’s possible to the viewer to participate in many different ways like clicking, navigating, scrolling, dragging and fulfilling forms. There’s a multitude of applications to this new media as entertainment, training people or launching a new product or service. IV has already been used by different kind of brands and business, as Coldplay on a new song release, by Honda to show the versatility of a car and by Netflix on Black Mirror Bandersnatch. The benefits of using interactive videos are multiple as the possibility to view and track interactions as clicks, time spent on the video and the opportunity to collect data of your target by making questions or creating forms. The analytics that interactive videos can offer are very complete what makes more viable to justify its uses with basis in a concrete rage of information and not just views or likes as the normal videos. It’s also possible to get to know your target better and to show a solid correlation about the use of this media in a campaign and their succeed, what makes IV into a very good way to impress in your next campaign.