Gamification and E-learning

As human beings’ competition it’s on our nature. If there’s a prize, even better, we can get more engaged to the game. It was this principle that guided to make gamification into a trend on the last times. And what is exactly gamification? Gamification is about using the background of game design, its strategies and technics in another fields. It’s using some qualities that are eminent to the games and bring it to different realities where it can be very useful. Games bring the engagement through competition, quick evolution and feedback and it can be very helpful in different fields as HR, education and healthcare. Companies already realized the gamification potential and are applying it mostly on team encouragement and corporative learning. On the corporate education field, gamification makes lighter to learn, transforming it from another work task into a simple and cool thing. It makes possible to have a holistic view of the learning, but divides it into step by step, showing the progress in a very clear way and making the goals into something reachable. There are a lot of lessons that games can bring to the business, particularly on the e-learning area which a lot of companies still follow a traditional and, a lot of times, ineffective model. On this sense, gamification can improve productivity, focus and determination and through a model of challenges it’s possible to make the students more motivated to learn more and reach the goals. I am sharing some Interactive video technologies below where you can make your gamified videos, especially your interactive videos


Cinema8 is an interactive video platform that offers everything to make the viewer part of the story. In a very intuitive drag and drop mode, a great number of features can be added to the video as forms, questions, chapter, dynamic images, HTML and much more. It’s an innovative platform that has support to 360 video and wide integration support with video platforms (as Vimeo, Dailymotion YouTube, etc.). Make your content even more personalized by adding gamification to your video and store your viewer responses to deliver conditional answers according to its choices at any point of the video. The analytics area, in its turn, provides access to a complete view of the video performance, through a broad list of data, charts, and graphics. Cinema8 have different solutions and pricing to encounter clients’ needs, please contact us and discover which is more suitable for your profile.


Wirewax is a tool that allows you to use hotspots, branching, camera switching, 360-degree experiences, slider views and more in your videos. As you can see, the biggest benefit of Wirewax is its broad capabilities; Wirewax empowers nearly every type of interactive video functionality being used today. The company offers flexible pricing to accommodate a variety of different customers, and you can choose from a range of customisable packages dependent on your needs.


HapYak is a video SaaS platform that allows you to layer interactivity onto your video. With HapYak, you can add links, e-commerce functionality, quizzes, slide show presentations and more to your videos. The biggest key differentiator HapYak touts is their built-in analytics tool. The platform uses an API to connect viewer clicks and behaviors with popular marketing and CRM tools, helping you track your video metrics from a bird’s-eye perspective. HapYak’s pricing model is a monthly subscription ranging from $500 to $4,700 based on your company’s needs.


Rapt is a holistic cloud-based tool that allows you to easily create, embed and analyse interactive videos. Their editor, Composer, uses simple drag-and-drop actions to add clickable elements and branches to your videos. Then you can embed your videos almost anywhere you can put HTML, including your website, blog or app. Finally, use Rapt’s robust analytics dashboard to track and improve your videos over time. Rapt work through partner companiesso you’ll need to find the most suitable partner for your needs and contact them.