What’s Cinema8.com ?

Cinema8 is an interactive video and 360° interactive videos platform that allows you to create engaging video experience including gamification, e-learning, marketing and more... Cinema 8 – Interactive Video Platform has much more flexible and interactive infrastructure than its global counterparts. What is Cinema8? Media Library Social Media E-Learning Digital Marketing Human Resources & Recruitment Custom Content 360° interactive Videos

•Gamification Integrate game elements into your video by using Cinema8 interactivity tools. Create rules, add choices, feedbacks, forms, rewards, voices and more. Make your videos fun and attractive.
•E-learning Interactive videos make learner active in e-learning courses. Cinema8 allows you to use enriched interactive video courses as SCORM package in an LMS. Engage your learners and get the detailed measurement from your interactive e-learning videos.
•Marketing Interactive video is the new way of the marketing. Present your brand to your customers with gamified, personalized content to capture and keep the attention of the viewers. Create video surveys, interactive product catalogs and more.
•Upload a video or 360° video to Cinema8. If you use another video platform (Youtube, Kaltura, Vimeo, Brightcove), synchronize it with Cinema8.
•Produce easily interactive video using interactivity tools such as images, questions, texts, chapters, forms, selections and links.
•Connect different interactive videos and create your own Storyflow.
•Deliver it to target group.
-Send link of the interactive video
-Publish on social media
-Embed website
•Export to Scorm, publish to any Scorm compliant LMS
•Report easily your interactive videos in detailed with Analytics Module. Basic Steps to Create Interactive Video

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