What’s Content Authoring Tools ?

An e-learning content authoring tool is a software package which developers use to create and package e-learning content deliverable to end users. According to Wikipedia.org, "a content authoring tool is a software application used to create multimedia content typically for delivery on the World Wide Web."

The purpose of Content Marketing; to impress customers through effective and continuous content sharing and compilation, and to establish sustainable ties with said customers. Content marketing is based on the idea of changing and improving customer behavior.

Presenting sometimes isn’t easy, but check on our tips to succeed in your next presentation. 5 tips to successful presentations
1. Know your audience: This is the first step to start any presentation. Before start to write the content or thinking about the design you must know your target to build a presentation based on their needs and expectations.
2. Less is more: This is a golden rule to presentations, of course that put a lot of content on the slides it’s very tempting, but the more information you put, more confused your audience can get. The rule is also valid to the design, remember just to use the necessary visual resources, instead of trying to cover the blanks.
3. Have one key message: You probably have a lot of topics to present, but still try to show all of them around a central idea. That helps your audience to follow your presentation and don’t get lost by the amount of information.
4. Tell a story: People love good stories, so if it’s possible present in a storytelling way or use stories as examples to show what you’re trying to explain. Your audience will probably feel more engaged and pay attention on what you’re saying.
5. Rehearsal: Doesn’t matter if the presentation has a beautiful design or if the presenter it’s good at public speaking: nothing is more frustrating than go to a presentation where the person is constantly reading the slides. Make sure you know what you’re going to present, you’ll feel more confident and your audience will feel more involved by a presenter that know the theme.